Communicate with confidence

When seniors are incapable of speaking properly, either its pain or other pressure subjects, speech therapy becomes vital. Speak disorders become common in patients who have experienced a stroke, brain injury, due to cancer of the mouth, head, or throat. Our Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in providing therapy for older citizens, they also address matters relating to difficulties with speech caused by shortages in nutrition and dehydration. 

Meadowbrook offers myriad benefits for elderly people. Anyone with mild concerns such as stuttering, or fear of speaking due to poor confidence, general aging as vocal cords lose elasticity & larynx muscles deteriorate, to sever circumstances can be treated effectively. A speech and language pathologist is a highly trained individual skilled in handling elders overcome any language impairments through their knowledge and expertise.

Your path to clear communication

After a stroke, the majority of people are left with cognitive, sensory, physical, and communication deficits that take months and years to improve. As we have speech therapy service for elders at Meadowbrook Michigan, we ensure patients completely regain their speech, language or communication, and swallowing abilities.

We help those:

    • Struggling with Dysphagia
    • Struggling with Aphasia 
    • Struggling with Dysarthria
    • Struggling with cognitive-communicative deficits

When is speech pathology necessary?

If the person you questioned struggles to respond, having a hard time speaking loudly, frequently transposing words, having trouble swallowing, or reluctant to speak with the sensation of something being stuck in their throat. Nonetheless, it becomes extremely significant in cases of dementia, stroke recovery, and many other serious matters relating to the above problems. 

Here at Meadowbrook, we go over and above to make seniors experience a longer period of liberation at home and communicate excellently. Patients can re-learn how to communicate through speaking, reading, or writing, we improve the memory skills of the patients so they can manage medications with the need of anybody’s help in emergency situations.