Let’s build a better life together

With the utmost efforts of our certified occupational therapists in Michigan, we treat senior citizens to carry out day-to-day purposeful activities and live a normal life despite any disability. We are providing both psychosomatic and corporal treatment to senior housing who have physical, sensory, or cognitive complications. Occupational therapy may be recommended after or together with physical therapy, focusing on elder care at home to perform daily living activities, such as dressing, bathing, meal preparation, grooming, etc.

Our Approach

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach where prompt and appropriate treatment is conducted by carefully evaluating the client’s in-house environment, and overall atmosphere. Upon evaluating, we recommend, as per requirement, adaptive training, guidance, and education to family members as well as caregivers. The occupational therapist addresses independence in domestic tasks, personal self-care, work-related activities, leisure & socialization, and functional abilities to help elder patients get a grip on life. Utilizing an evidence-based practice with our patient-oriented interventions is our mission.

Our therapists are proficient especially in treating the whole body with incorporations of neurological principles, psychological or anatomical concepts, and psychological perspectives. We are often involved in providing valuable work-related therapy, pediatric practice, human displacement, with older population, mental health, terminally ill patients, people experiencing chronic pains, including assessments and hand therapy. 

A better life is possible

Our common rehabilitation services embrace assisting elders with incapacities to participate fully in usual activities, helping recovering from physical injuries, and full-time support to elders experiencing physical and psychological changes. Different dealings are involved in our plan such as Modalities, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic exercises, Orthotic Intervention, and Patient Education.

People who might need treatment with:

    • Birth injuries or birth defects  
    • Stroke rehab
    • Learning problems
    • Neurological disorders
    • Arthritis
    • Severe injuries
    • Traumatic amputation
    • Mental health or behavioral problems
    • Deployment delays
    • Post-surgical conditions
    • Multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other chronic illness
    • Visual impairments
    • Nerve injuries

Who can benefit from it?

Our occupational therapists in Michigan will assist in increasing function and independence in concerning to physical incapacity and stability. Competent specialists will give therapy to improve major motor skills like limb movement and walking etc. It is a go-to solution for supporting elderly patients to recover properly from any mental illness or physical injury. It will allow your elders to overcome many day-to-day physical challenges, preventing falls, injuries, or lengthy hospital stays. The therapy is provided to seniors with a mental, cognitive, or medical condition.