Willing Is not enough, you must do

Medical social workers, however, help patients and families who rely on rehabilitative care centers to help them navigate life’s most challenging moments. To serve a remarkably critical job in hospitals and care facilities, directing the U.S health care system’s sharp political, social, and bureaucratic challenges to help patients and their families achieve optimum aid.

At Meadowbrook Health Care Agency, we not only focus on giving in-home aid to patients in dire need of assistance but also offer a host of other facilities for their convenience. Medical Social Working is one of the valuable services we offer to senior socials for enhancing the quality of life.

How does a social worker work with the elderly?

We provide our patients with the emotional support and guidance, work hard to minimize the negative impact of getting older and being more optimistic towards life. To nurture a foundation of trust by assessing each client’s essentials and desires, personal health circumstances, and ensuring that they live comfortably. The objective is to assist with social and emotional problems arising from illness, trauma, or disabilities.

A few of the amenities provided to the families contain:

    • Emotional support and encouragement
    • Crisis Prevention
    • Rehabilitation Planning
    • Psycho-social Assessments
    • Counseling Services 
    • Provision of Statutory Duties
    • Material Assistance
    • Collaboration with health professionals