After the age of 60, most of our elders require care assistance as counting on others to perform even basic duties become needed. Naturally, your elders demand to stay at home as they get older and the idea of leaving their home place abruptly can be agonizing. Taking the step is rarely stress-free either it’s moving to an assisted living or going with a nursing home care – you will generally feel tangled, vulnerable, or even your seniors may feel irritated at the prospect of getting to depend on a stranger.

What is assisted living and skilled nursing care?

There is a moderate level of care provided in assisted living allows seniors to live in their homes, apartments, condos, or shared quarters; however, they are generally provided home-like treatment facilities such as one to three meals per day, help with daily chores, personal dressing care, some medical services, outing and transportation to local stores, theaters, etc. This type of care is suitable for people that don’t have a significant medical condition but only desire an active life. 

Nursing home care, most ordinary called skilled nursing facility treat elders who require 24×7 monitoring and medical assistance. The facilities focus more on medical health care counting physical, occupational, speech therapies, etc. Proficient medical professionals provide specialized care to your seniors with severe illnesses or injuries and specially trained staff provide short-term or long-term skilled medical aid.  

What’s the right choice for you?

As per the reasons given above, the most difference lies in the amount of medical care provided. Assisted living could be suitable to assist elders simplify their daily lives, on the opposite, hand skilled nursing would be more appropriate following a hospitalization or a significant failure in health that needs strong medical aid around the clock. You can always switch to Meadowbrook skilled nursing care in Michigan if your elder’s needs become bigger. If their health status requires constant physical therapies, occupational, or other therapies, also if they have dementia, memory problems, or other major diseases; know that it’s the best time to switch to skilled nursing care.

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